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The IDEA Project finished in January 2010. Community Technology Skills Program continues in Russia within Your Course: Digital Literacy Project under Microsoft's initiative ycdl.ph-int.org
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733 04.01.2010 Nizhni Novgorod

Computers Make Dreams Come True for People with Disabilities

Kseniya Mukhina
Thanks to her ICT skills, Kseniya Mukhina, an alumna of the Nizhny Novgorod special education boarding school for the blind and visually impaired, remains highly successful in her current pursuits and optimistic about her future.
732 03.01.2010 Chita

Better Qualifications for a Better Salary

Pyotr Logachyov in the IDEA Center
After taking Spreadsheet Fundamentals in the summer of 2009, Pyotr Logachyov successfully passed qualifying examinations improving his professional qualification.
731 30.12.2009 Omsk

The Hero of the Omsk IDEA Center

Leonid Mikhailov
Leonid Mikhailov responded to the online ad inviting volunteer helpers to work at the IDEA Center in Omsk. Leonid suffers from vision loss but it didn’t prevent him from completing an IDEA training course and becoming a competent PC user who now assists new IDEA trainees with their practical assignments.
730 29.12.2009 Perm

Results of a Three Year Partnership: Very Impressive!

A group of job seekers referred for training to the IDEA Center in Perm.
A. M. Gorky regional library in Perm received an official letter of appreciation from the local Employment Center. In this letter the Center’s director Anatoly Samarin expressed his appreciation to the staff team of the library’s IDEA Center for their efforts in providing digital literacy training for the Center’s clients, emphasizing the professional excellence of IDEA instructors and reviewing the results of the three-year partnership.
729 28.12.2009 Tyumen

Marina Dyomshina: “Life is Beautiful!”

Marina Dyomshina
After completing Computer Fundamentals, Marina Dyomshina, a nurse of a local clinic in Tyumen, began to apply her new competence in her work and study. Recently she landed a new and interesting job and is now certain of her job security.
728 21.12.2009 Chita

Galina Parygina: “Thank You for the Opportunity to Work!”

Galina Parygina
Since completing her computer training in 2006, Galina Parygina, one of the first IDEA alumni, has become a certified public accountant and now works with the Chita regional society for people with disabilities. She recalls her IDEA training with warmth and appreciation. Computer skills training proved to be a powerful stimulus for continuing her education and then landing a good job.
727 19.12.2009 Chelyabinsk

Successful Certification thanks to IDEA.

Tatyana Smolina
After completing Internet and World Wide Web Fundamentals, Tatyana Smolina, a piano teacher in a music school in Chelyabinsk, used her new e-mail and web search skills to improve her teaching materials and techniques and, ultimately, successfully passed her qualifying certification, proving her professional competence and keeping her job.
726 18.12.2009 Izhevsk

Sharing Knowledge is Great Fun!

As the result of her participation in training events at the IDEA Center in Izhevsk, Elena Motova, a librarian of N.K. Krupskaya central municipal library in Sarapul, the Udmurt Republic, not only received a promotion but also organized e-skills training courses for beginner users in her own library, recently graduating the first group of alumni.
725 17.12.2009 Ulyanovsk

IDEA Helps Launch a Small Business

After participating in the Basic Business Plans seminar offered by the IDEA Center in Ulyanovsk, Emma Semagina developed and successfully defended her own business plan, received a municipal grant and started her own company.
724 17.12.2009 Kaliningrad

Victoria Ten: Realizing personal potential in public work thanks to IDEA

Victoria Ten
Victoria Ten, a teacher of English, moved to Kaliningrad from Kazakhstan. After taking Internet and World Wide Web Fundamentals at the Kaliningrad IDEA Center, she used her new skills to find information about Zonta International, a global organization of executives and professionals working together to advance the status of women worldwide through service and advocacy. Her enthusiasm and strong proactive position soon propelled Victoria to the position of the vice-president of Zonta International in Kaliningrad, and now she is getting ready to attend Zonta International Convention 2010 in San Antonio, TX (USA).
723 14.12.2009 Chelyabinsk

Nadezhda Buyanova: “I’ve kept my job!”

Nadezhda Buyanova
Nadezhda Buyanova from Chelyabinsk has been able to keep her job despite the layoffs in her company thanks to the knowledge and skills she acquired at the IDEA Center.
722 12.12.2009 Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Irina Samsonova: “Work has become so much more fun!”

Irina Samsonova
After completing the IDEA course in Computer Fundamentals, Irina Samsonova, a young librarian of Sakhalin regional library, got not only a raise but an offer of a better position with the same library.
721 11.12.2009 Chelyabinsk

IDEA Gives People with Disabilities Hope of Social Rehabilitation

Lyudmila Gortinskaya
Lyudmila Gortinskaya who is raising an autistic child has completed Microsoft Unlimited Potential courses in Computer Fundamentals and Internet and World Wide Web Fundamentals at the IDEA Center in Chelyabinsk. Her new e-skills have already helped her and her son Vladislav regain self-confidence, find helpful information on physical and social rehabilitation, make new friends and overcome loneliness and isolation.
720 09.12.2009 Vladimir

A Quick Promotion

Albina Evgrafova
After completing the Microsoft Unlimited Potential course in Computer Fundamentals at the IDEA Center in Vladimir, Albina Evgrafova was promoted to the position of a department head by her supervisors in Rospechat, the Russian state printing agency. The alumna believes that, to a large degree, she owes this promotion to computer knowledge and skills gained during the IDEA training.
719 08.12.2009 Cheboksary

Elena Lomova: “Nothing is Impossible Anymore!”

Elena Lomova
Taking a Microsoft Unlimited Potential computer literacy course and attending seminars at the Cheboksary IDEA Center helped Elena Lomova face the challenges of working with electronic resources and make her business more productive and efficient.
718 06.12.2009 Astrakhan

IDEA Training Brings New Hope

Nurslu Amirova
After many years of working at Trusovsky bread factory, Nurslu Amirova from Astrakhan had to leave her job due to illness and consequent disability. It was a major blow to her as a single mother. However the training at her local IDEA Center enabled Nurslu Amirova to post her résumé online and find suitable employment.
717 05.12.2009 Izhevsk

ICT for Better Life Quality of Young People with Disabilities

 Visitors of the Computer Center for children and young people with disabilities
Eighteen months ago the Udmurt republican library for the blind launched a special educational and recreational computer center for children and young people with disabilities. The Computer Center’s mission is to foster successful ICT-based adaptation, socialization and rehabilitation of people with disabilities in the mainstream society. The Computer Center for people with disabilities was opened thanks to the knowledge and skills that the librarians received during their training at the IDEA Center.
716 02.12.2009 Astrakhan

Moving up the Career Ladder with IDEA

Dinara Khusainova
Dinara Khusainova from Astrakhan put the computer skills acquired at the IDEA Center to practical use in her work with a local construction company and thus was able to increase her income.
715 01.12.2009 Khabarovsk

Evgeny Beketov: “New skills help me stay afloat”

Evgeny Beketov:
After taking the IDEA course in Computer Fundamentals at the IDEA Center of the Far East academic library in Khabarovsk, Evgeny Beketov not only acquired helpful skills that would stand him well in life but also found ways to bring in some extra income before finding permanent employment.
714 30.11.2009 Irkutsk

IDEA Training Opens Up New Opportunities

Engelina Badeyeva at a Computer Fundamentals training session
Thanks to the knowledge and skills acquired during the IDEA course in Computer Fundamentals, Engelina Badeyeva from Irkutsk was able to find a new job after her old position was downsized.
713 29.11.2009 Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Irina Kokorina: “All People are Endlessly Fascinating!”

Irina Kokorina
For more than ten years Irina Kokorina, the head librarian of Sakhalin regional academic library, has been the driving force behind the library’s White Crow Club for poets, writers, artists and all creative art lovers. She has long wanted to self-publish some of the club members’ work, but didn’t have adequate knowledge and skills to get started. Thanks to the Microsoft Unlimited Potential course in Computer Fundamentals, she finally acquired basic computer skills and began to produce small booklets of club members’ contributions. She formats and illustrates every booklet herself and by now has already issued more than twenty-five poetry and prose collections.
712 28.11.2009 Khabarovsk

Tamara Sokolovskaya: “Computers are a Miracle!”

Tamara Sokolovskaya
Using knowledge and skills she had acquired during the IDEA course in Computer Fundamentals, Tamara Sokolovskaya, a librarian with the Children’s Reading Center in Khabarovsk, has greatly increased the efficiency of her work and began making more money.
711 25.11.2009 Perm

Marina Cheputnykh: New Competence Means Better Income!

Marina Cheputnykh
In 2009 Marina Chepurnykh, along with several other job seekers from Perm, took several Microsoft Unlimited Potential courses at the local IDEA Center. Thanks to her newly acquired computer proficiency, she has been able to amend her income by publishing articles and materials online.
710 24.11.2009 Ulan-Ude

Competent and Useful, Whatever the Age!

Tatyana Volodina
In October 2009, Tatyana Volodina, a retiree from Ulan Ude, completed courses in Computer Fundamentals and Word Processing Fundamentals at the IDEA Center of National Library of the Buryat Republic. Even though it’s only been a few short weeks since the completion of the training, the alumna has already begun to notice positive changes in her life.
709 23.11.2009 Tomsk

“With Computer Competence I Can Learn Many New Things”

Viktor Tzubrovich
In the spring of 2009, Viktor Tzubrovich, one of the most active IDEA alumni in Tomsk, pleasantly surprised his fellow Presentation Fundamentals trainees, instructors and users of A.S. Pushkin regional library in Tomsk with his masterfully developed multimedia presentation on outer space.
708 21.11.2009 Vladivostok

Information Technologies: Invaluable for Teachers

Vladimir Manich
Vladimir Manich graduated from the special education boarding school for the blind and visually impaired in Vladivostok and now works there teaching history. After completing the IDEA course in Internet and World Wide Web Fundamentals, he successfully applies his new knowledge and skills in his work and personal life.
707 14.11.2009 Tomsk

Larisa Shorits: “Thanks to IDEA I can help my non-profit organization”

Larisa Shorits
As many other senior citizens, Larisa Shorits from Tomsk is full of energy and desire to play an active role in her local community. During the IDEA training she learned to use the Internet and key MS Office applications and immediately applied her new knowledge and skills in her work with “Treasure,” a regional non-profit organization.
706 11.11.2009 Tyumen

Valentina Ushkalova: Back to Teaching Thanks to IDEA

Valentina Ushkalova
Valentina Ushkalova, an active and energetic retiree from Tyumen, completed IDEA training in 2008 and now uses her knowledge and skills for writing books and teaching at Tomsk State University
705 06.11.2009 Irkutsk

Learned something? Use it!

 Irina Komarova
After completing a computer training course at the IDEA Center in Irkutsk, Irina Komarova quickly put her new knowledge and skills to practical use by developing a short promotional video about the university where she works and posting it on the school’s website. This initiative was justly appreciated by the university’s administration.
704 05.11.2009 Kaliningrad

Thanks to IDEA, Artists from Kaliningrad, Russia, Exhibit in Gdansk, Poland

Yuriy Smirnyagin during a training session at the IDEA Center
After completing several IDEA courses, artists Yuriy and Nelly Smirnyagin from Kaliningrad established contacts with art galleries in Poland and France and, as a result, were asked to exhibit in Gdansk, Poland. Their personal art exhibition opened there on November 3, 2009.
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Computers Make Dreams Come True for People with Disabilities

Better Qualifications for a Better Salary

The Hero of the Omsk IDEA Center

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