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This listing represents only a selection of mass media coverage. A comprehensive listing is available in Russian.
1 21.04.2009

Newspaper:  "The Moscow Times" Microsoft Unveils $300M Expansion

2 17.04.2009

Newspaper:  Regional newspaper "Vestnik"
Learning to Launch Small Businesses

Учимся создавать свое дело

Article about seminar in business plan basics, that was organized by the IDEA Center in partnership with the City Employment Center.
3 08.04.2009

Online media:  eGov monitor Gains Without Frontiers - Microsoft's Unlimited Potential in Central and Eastern Europe

Overview of UP initiatives in Central and Eastern Europe, including the IDEA project.
4 31.03.2009

Online media:  Telecentre magazine IDEA Project, Russia:Enhancing Employability through e-Skills

The article is about IDEA project work and progress throughout Russia. The case gives the examples about sussessful alumni and provides general project staticitics.
5 19.03.2009

Online media:  CRN/RE
Discover the World of IT

Открой мир ИТ!

6 13.02.2009

Online media:  Sovietskaya Chuvashia.
Free Internet Access

За Интернет платить не надо

7 11.02.2009

Web-site:  Ministry of Culture, Ethnic Issues, Media and Records of the Chuvash Republic
Looking for Employment in the Library

Найти работу поможет библиотека

Presentation of the IDEA project to the reporters of the key republican TV news channels Chuvash News and Chuvash Radio and newspapers The Soviet Chuvashia and The Khypar. In 2009, the IDEA Project will focus on facilitating effective job search and increasing employability and professional competence of job seekers through providing ICT training to those who have lost work or are at risk of unemployment due to their lack of computer skills.
8 29.01.2009

Internet:  The Pacific Star (Tikhookeanskaya Zvezda)
Spectrum: Join the Club!

В «Спектре» не поют только собаки-поводыри

The article is about a club "Spectrum", for visually impaired PC users, orginized in IDEA center in Khabarovsk.
9 08.12.2008

Internet:  Baltic It&T; Review E-Skills: Catalyst to Opportunity

Истории успеха
Computers Make Dreams Come True for People with Disabilities

Better Qualifications for a Better Salary

The Hero of the Omsk IDEA Center

Результаты проекта IDEA
2331 IDEA Unlimited Potential Courses - 21938 People Trained

8961 People with other abilities participated in 1781 seminars and courses

Executive summary IDEA

Форумы IDEA
Information Dissamination and Equal Access

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